NY Gov. Cuomo: “I Do Not For The Life Of Me Understand The Reluctance To Use The Federal Defense Production Act”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

From all accounts from my friends and relatives that live in New York, Governor Cuomo has done a decent job in the face of this crisis. I tend not to like him because his brother is Chris “Fredo” Cuomo. They are both Democrat elites desperate for power and spotlight.

The important thing is that Cuomo does see the threat of what is happening in his state and is passionate about helping his New York residents.

Here is the problem when you have Democrats as leaders during a crisis, they LOVE to take our freedoms away. As they know, a crisis is the best time to take freedom away because you can dress it up as being part of the common good.

We have seen these freedoms slowly stripped away over the past couple of weeks. States are ordering stay-at-home procedures for major cities, and in some cases, the entire State is under a restriction. The Federal government wants everyone to stay home, shut the nonessential businesses, and stock up for a possible two-week nationwide quarantine.

This virus is dangerous, and the repercussions of this virus on healthcare and the economy will be vast. I understand in times of crisis we are asked to come together and protect the most vulnerable among us. I am willing to stay home for two weeks and homeschool my children if it means we are saving lives.

What I will not stand for is a Governor demanding that we forced factories to make supplies.

Cuomo claims that he does not for the life of him understand why we wouldn’t use the Federal Defense Production Act.

Nationalizing businesses should only be used in the worst of times. I agree that this virus and the impending economic crisis will be a dark time in our nation’s history. Still, I do not think we are at the point of forcing businesses to manufacture products for the American people. They won’t be able to set prices for the goods they are now required to make, and with that capitalism will die.

I don’t think setting a precedent that every time we have a national health emergency, we require private businesses to make products outside of their scope of expertise is a good idea. Democrats will never understand that this type of forced socialism never works out well for the countries that impose it.

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This is a time to allow private companies the chance to rise to the occasion. (We are already seeing them do this, by donating PPE’s to hospitals and front line workers.) Give these companies already capable of making the needed products the capital to grow and produce more products.

This is the American way. This is why we are reluctant to have Trump use the Federal Defense Production Act.

Don’t be so cavalier with your freedoms. There might a day you wish that the government hadn’t used the Federal Defense Production Act.