Former Congressional Candidate Tries To Blame Coronavirus On White Supremacy [Opinion]

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Have you heard of Saira Rao?  You probably haven’t, and I’m very, very sorry to ruin that for you.

Saira Rao is a first generation Indian-American woman who is absolutely OBSESSED with racism and white privilege.  She ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018 and lost, thank goodness, or I’m sure she would be neck-deep with AOC and The Squad.

Her latest take?  Somehow linking coronavirus with white people and white supremacy:

You guys, I legitimately don’t understand the connection.  What is the point she’s trying to make?   WHAT DOES ANY OF THIS HAVE TO DO WITH WHITE SUPREMACY?

MANY people commented on her tweet, asking for clarification.  There were basically two responses: 1. “If we have to explain it to you, you’ll never get it.”  2. Saira is a race-obsessed seahag who blames literally EVERYTHING on white people.

Number 1 is patently unhelpful.  How does it advance your cause to SHUT DOWN people asking for clarification, instead of trying to educate them?  I read as many comments as I could stomach, and I’m still confused.  So I guess they’re right, I’ll never get it.

Number 2 seems pretty true, even from just a cursory review of Saira’s tweets.

Basically, Saira Rao is a perfect case study of the ridiculousness of intersectionality and race-based politics (and she’d definitely call me racist for pointing that out).  She’s one of the founding members of Race2Dinner, where she and co-founder Regina Jackson host $2,500 a pop dinners where white women can confront their racism and privilege:

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This is not Racism 101.  This isn’t a delicate dinner conversation; nor are attendees sitting in the audience of a Ted Talk feeling exempt from personal accountability.  This is an intimate, direct conversation about how the white women at the table are complicit in the continued injustices of our white supremacist society and how they can immediately take action.  White women attending these dinners need to be committed to resisting white defenses and the host is prepared to interrupt white fragility so as not to derail the conversation.  It’s a new approach, and while it may not be for everyone, it fills an urgent need.  Race2Dinner has inspired white women to push harder than they ever knew they could.  In the end, we hope white women choose gender over whiteness and realize their liberation is directly connected to that of Black, Indigenous and brown women.

Can you imagine paying $2,500 just to be told how terrible you are by these haters?  Leftists, y’all.

Oh, and she drove away all of her white friends.  By her own admission, Saira was a “white feminist … deeply self-loathing and internally oppressed” until 2016, when she apparently got a little too drunk on the leftist cool-aid.  She claims her white friends dumped her after that, because they were unwilling to give up their whiteness, despite her attempts to educate them:

I spent one full year meeting [my white friends] for coffee, drinks, lunch, dinner.  I sent them articles.  I wrote articles.  I sent them those.  Rather than show an interest in awakening, nearly ALL of them, dumped me.

Saira says her friends dumped her and bonded around their “whiteness.”  I say she drove her friends away by repeatedly and continually trying to shove her “wokeness” down their throats until they couldn’t take it anymore.

Saira is the epitome of what happens when you let identity politics, TDS, and outrage culture take over your brain.

Friends don’t let friends be like Saira.

And definitely don’t use a crisis like coronavirus to promote your own political agenda, especially when said agenda has no relation to the crisis.