Court Rules Against Gun Rights Group — Pennsylvania Gun Stores Deemed Not “Essential” Businesses

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Look, I understand the purpose of the stay-at-home orders across the country.  What I do not understand, is how we are determining what is an “essential” business and what is not.  Everyone thinks their business is essential.

But a gun store seems pretty essential to maintaining people’s ability to exercise their 2A rights.

From The Blaze:

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied a request by gun-rights advocates to exempt gun stores from an order mandating the closure of businesses amid the coronavirus outbreak in the state.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf issued the executive order on March 19, which forced the shutdown of all businesses in the state deemed not “life-sustaining” for an indefinite period of time, gun stores included.

Gun-rights advocates took issue with the inclusion of firearms retailers in the list of non life-sustaining businesses, and argued that the mandatory closures violated state and federal constitutional protections and interfered with citizens’ Second Amendment rights. They brought their case before the state’s Supreme Court, but on Sunday, the seven-member court denied their request.

One of the three dissenting judges, Justice David Wecht, called the order an “impermissible intrusion upon a fundamental constitutional right” and pointed to other industries that have received exemption from the shutdown. An example would be restaurants in the state, which have been permitted to operate in some capacity through take-out and delivery options.

For most other products normally purchased in stores, consumers are now going online to purchase and having the products delivered to their door. But in Pennsylvania, residents don’t have that option as it pertains to firearms.

Under Pennsylvania law, citizens are required to physically pick up guns purchased online at gun stores. So the executive order closing gun stores is effectively shutting down gun sales in the state.

It is really silly to call McDonald’s an essential business and say the local gun shop is not.  There is a much better argument that the store that has to do with a right listed in the BILL OF RIGHTS would be essential.  There is a Second Amendment right to bear arms! How can I bear arms if the state shuts down all the gun stores?  Or did we pass a 28th Amendment right to McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Chipotle?  Maybe that happened sometime, and I just missed it.

This is all just such a cluster.  And we are on a very slippery slope.  We lack data to be making good decisions regarding an economic shut down.  So many people are being severely hurt economically and this cannot be sustained.

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