Rep. Dan Crenshaw: ‘Everyone In America’ Needs To See Why Democrats Killed Coronavirus Bill

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The Democrats are the pandemic we should all be panicking over.

The Democrats are proving more every day that they’re more willing to hold Americans hostage to their agenda in the midst of a nationwide economic crisis and it is deplorable.

Believe me when I say I’d rather use MUCH more colorful language, where ‘deplorable’ is me taking the high road.

The wishlist items that Pelosi is imposing have NOTHING to do with the crisis. Not even kind of close.

To view a nationwide time of need and disparity as an opportunity for their own gain is absolutely sickening.

According to The Daily Wire:

Former Navy SEAL Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) is calling on Americans to hold the Democrats “accountable” for having “torpedoed” a bipartisan COVID-19 emergency bill that provides funds to small businesses to help cover payroll and rent and other coronavirus-related expenses, expands unemployment benefits, and quickly puts cash in struggling Americans’ pockets.

Some of these wishlist items included, but are not limited to:
Some Green New Deal policies and collective bargaining powers for unions.

On Monday, Crenshaw retweeted a thread by journalist Rachel Bovard, who obtained an early copy of the 1,400-page Pelosi bill, that highlights some of the new Democratic bill’s provisions, including bailing out the post office, mandating “risk limiting audits” of elections, as well as same-day voter registration, and other non-crisis-related, long-time Democrat wishlist items.

among them, more strict fuel emissions guidelines for airlines, wind and solar tax credits, and collective bargaining powers for unions.

The Democrats claimed that they declined the Senate bill based on corporate bailouts in the form of a ‘slush fund.’ Had that been the actual issue, wouldn’t the imposed provisions have been more fixated on adjusting that?

Oh, but let’s give the Farting Cows Deal another look.

I wish y’all could see the look of pure disgust on my face right now. It’s probably the equivalent of actually smelling a cow’s fart.

I get a kick out of conspiracy theories and whatnot, so what I’m about to share is not factual at all, but just some food for thought…

I’m curious if Pelosi is attempting to force the American people into a place where there’s nothing left to do but depend on the Democrats.

Check out Crenshaw’s twitter thread here:

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