Nobel Laureate Argues Why Coronavirus May Be Over Sooner Than Media Says

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I think these are some much-needed words of hope that y’all should sit and read for a moment.

Michael Levitt is a Stanford biophysicist who, after closely watching the patterns within data play out in other countries enduring the COVID-19 crisis, has noticed a promising trend that it is less severe than the media leads on, it will be over relatively soon, and we’re all going to be fine.

According to The Daily Wire:

“The real situation is not as nearly as terrible as they make it out to be,” Levitt says, and, in the end, “we’re going to be fine.”

Levitt assured the public that the world, and the U.S., are going to survive COVID-19, and that, as has occurred in countries first hit by the pandemic, the cases of the virus will begin to decline more rapidly than some are projecting.

In a report published on February 1, Levitt predicted with remarkable accuracy how China’s cases would end up, saying that around 80,000 would contract the disease and among those around 3,250 would die.

LA Times’ Joe Mozingo notes that as of March 16, China, which has nearly 1.4 billion people, reported a total of just 80,298 cases and 3,245 deaths related to the virus and the number of new cases has slowed down to around 25 per day.

Levitt urges the media, publications, and the public about the importance of controlling the panic over the pandemic. While he agrees that social-distancing is an adequate measure to minimize the spread, he notes that the weight of the media provoking panic is more detrimental to the economy.
More from The Daily Wire:
The flu, notes Mozingo has infected 36 million Americans in just over 6 months and killed around 22,000. The total COVID-19 infections in the U.S. is currently just over 40,000 and the total number of deaths connected to infection around 500.
Levitt, Mozingo writes, “fears the public health measures that have shut down large swaths of the economy could cause their own health catastrophe, as lost jobs lead to poverty and hopelessness,” circumstances in the past which have proven to result in increases in suicide, among other tragedies.
“[T]here are years when flu is raging, like in the U.S. in 2017, when there were three times the regular number of mortalities,” said Levitt. “And still, we did not panic. That is my message: you need to think of corona like a severe flu. It is four to eight times as strong as a common flu, and yet, most people will remain healthy and humanity will survive.”
The big takeaway here?
Wash your hands, don’t sneeze directly at people, don’t lick the ground, and hmm, what’s the other one…
Oh, right… stop stocking up on toilet paper like you’re going to have raging diarrhea every hour of every day.
This is one big lesson on hygiene and controlling your panic.
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