NBA Stars Could Lose Millions — League Warns Payments Could End After April 1st

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Well, cry me a river!

The Daily Mail is reporting that NBA players may soon be without a paycheck.  The league has only committed to paying their April 1st paychecks.

This would cost a player like Lebron James about $8 million on his $37 million annual salary.

Yep, not too worried about this.

What I am worried about is all the working and middle-class folks who have either a reduced paycheck or none at all.

It’s also concerning how the Democrats are playing games with abortion funding and a third relief bill.  They seriously have no shame.

The regular season was scheduled to go through April 15th.

Salaries are often worked out in advance usually based on the amount of ‘projected revenue’ a team is going to bring in over the course of a season.

But with games suspended, the teams have no money coming in.

The difficulty arises due to the fact players have signed contracts that guarantee them a certain amount of money each month, over the course of a season.

The current situation is unprecedented but the association has already moved to appease players by paying the latest round of paychecks despite no games having been played since March 10.

The next scheduled paydate after April 1st is supposed to April 15th but according Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the league has said that it will provide ‘additional guidance’ on that particular payday in the coming weeks.

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