Nancy Pelosi Had ‘Wishlist’ of Unrelated Demands that Helped Kill Coronavirus Relief Bill [Opinion]

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” – Rahm Emanuel Democrat Mayor of Chicago

Democrats are the effing worst. Listen, it is time our elected representatives know that we are sick and tired of all the partisan games they play with our money.

They take our money every paycheck in the form of taxes. Then at the end of the year, if they think we haven’t given them enough of our money to pay for their programs, they demand more, or you’ll go to jail.

The effects of coronavirus extend a lot farther than the physical impact that the virus exhibits inside your body. We see massive immediate layoffs in almost every sector of the economy.

Considering these layoffs are mostly caused by the way we must handle the virus ( i.e. shelter in place, no business is to be open if they aren’t essential vendor/business exempt) the government has a responsibility to use our money to help the economy and aid those that can’t work due to government mandates.

This isn’t a government social handout. This is why we have governments in place, to help in times of crisis like this.

The government is not doing its job, and that is where the quote “never let a serious crisis goes to waste” comes in to play.

In the eleventh hour, last night, Democrats conspired together to block the coronavirus spending bill that would have helped thousands, if not millions of Americans, in a very dark hour of our country’s history.

The rumor mill states that Crazy Eyes Nancy walked over to the Senate, and after talking with all the Democrat leaders in the Senate, they all voted no. They voted no on a bill that would have boosted our economy and alleviated the stress on American families.

Do you want to know why they did this?

According to the Daily Wire reports, it was because the Democrats wanted to have a “piece of legislation packed with handouts, bailouts, and cash offerings to the Democrats’ top constituencies, as well as provisions demanding enforcement of the Green New Deal, easing voting restrictions, and strengthening union allies.”

Rachel Bovid is a reporter for different media outlets and was able to get her hands on an early version of the bill.

They are canceling all debt from the postal office. They are bailing out the post office at a time where delivery of goods and services are on the rise and can easily have minimal contact with physical persons. It makes no sense.

Other things this bloated Democrat version of the bill has is a long time wish list of voter regulations by the Democrats.

How do same-day voter registration and risk-limiting audits have to do with getting the American people the money they need to survive without work? Nothing, the answer is that it has absolutely nothing to do with helping the American people.

I think that the real reason Democrats have stalled the bill is that they know there is no beating Donald Trump in November if he can save the American people from a recession. And before you come for me in the comments like y’all are always so quick to do, I know we are in a recession due to all the layoffs and less household spending, but with swift and strong guidance, the economy will quickly bounce back. It won’t be overnight, but it will not take years if we do this right, right now.

The Daily Wire also stated in their report:

“Democrats, Monday, complained that the bipartisan Senate relief bill contains a “slush fund” of corporate bailout money that will be doled out six months from the first bill. Senate Republicans were clear Monday that the “slush fund” — in actuality, a zero-interest loan program to compensate businesses harmed by government lockdown — has clear restrictions on the $500 billion set aside to assist firms that have not recovered from the coronavirus lockdown within six months, including limits on funding corporate bonuses and stock buybacks.”

So don’t let your Democrat friends try to use this narrative as a reason that the bill was stalled. Republicans are making the industries receiving a “bail-out” pay it all back, plus keep the existing payroll, and they cannot buy back their stocks to boost their stock prices. I feel like this is a simple no brainer. The bill is helping Americans get the financial assistance they need while in quarantine and help companies keep employees during a period of massive losses in revenue.

Republican Senators have been lighting up the Democrats on the floor today because of their blatant disregard for the American people.

Sen. John Barrasso has balls as big as Wyoming. He walked onto the floor, stood up straight on the podium, looked the Democrats in the eye, and ate their freaking lunch.


This is only one minute of the complete dressing down that he gave the Democrats in the Senate, and I’ll link the more extended version for those people that have longer attention spans.

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