CNN Sinks to New Low — Allows Actor Sean Penn to Spew Utter Nonsense on Coronavirus Response

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

As if the mainstream media and their need for celebrities to love them couldn’t get any worse, CNN brought on Sean Penn as a coronavirus expert.

CNN is trash television now. It is not merely enough to call them a liberal based publication. They are a garbage dump.

Did you just laugh? Because I am laughing!

Sean Penn: *complete and utter nonsense*

I couldn’t understand a single word this guy is saying! Celebrities are great at giving us joy on a superficial level, but unless qualified, they should not be giving us pandemic response advice.

How we live our lives is changing on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. Every day another city is shutting down except for essential businesses and workers. Instead of bringing actual experts on the primetime programs, they bring in celebrities.

I never thought that the media would do half of what they do. Still, the action that has angered me most in that CNN is willing to trust the OPINION of a celebrity over the experts on the President’s coronavirus task force.

What in the world qualifies Sean Penn to be able to talk about the pandemic facing our nation? If you even begin to bring up his work in Haiti I will lose it. Look at Haiti, have a long hard look at them. All the Democrats in the celebrity world have gone over there for charitable giving and every time Haiti gets worse.

We are talking about the guy who had a secret visit with “El Chapo,” and then claimed that the Mexican government made the news public so that the Mexican cartel would put him in the crosshairs.

Just go on youtube and watch any of his videos on foreign policy. The guy is a self-entitled blowhard. Why is he on my screen telling the government how to handle this crisis? Because CNN is no longer a reputable source for information but rather a place conservatives can go to for meme-making content.

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