Trump Stuns NBC Reporter Over China Travel Ban: ‘Your Network Called Me Racist For That’

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The anti-Trump media is helping us make lemonade from their lemons.

I’m telling you, as I’ve been hunkering down with my family during this time of quarantine, I’ve enjoyed the daily press conferences filled with one savage Trump response after the next. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, President Trump.

There’s nothing better than watching the President remain entirely calm as he assists the media in their self-destruction, ripping up every one of their narratives into shreds. It’s almost like Pelosi started something when she tore up his SOTU speech.

With every press conference that goes by, it seems that a few more ridiculous reporters shred into humility. (Or shall I say squeeze into even more lemonade.) But they keep coming back for more. Will the faux media remain focused on China-virus “racism” narratives, or will that narrative dry up and move onto something else by Friday?

Meanwhile, Thursday’s Chinese Corona Virus presser was thoroughly entertaining, packed with epic responses from President Trump.

This RUDE question came early from Kristen Welker at NBC News.  Welker accused the President of not being prepared for COVID-19, and he reminded her that it was her network that called him racist for closing off travel to China when he did.

Whoops. I’ll give her credit though — she likely forgot about that important fact because it was then that she and her network were too busy covering for a hopeful Trump impeachment.

Funny how now, the same network is demanding that Trump lead while still trying to sell a “Muh-Trump is racist” narrative. Seriously, these media frauds are a bunch of lemons.

BUT then there was one.

Thursday’s LEMONADE was SERVED by OAN’s Chanel Rion, one of the few real journalists in the room – (give her a follow for real news on Twitter @ChanelRion.) She asked the President two critical questions, the first being “if he thought Chinese food was racist” terminology. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Badabambadaboom.

Then she asked President Trump his opinion regarding the major left-wing news media. Specifically, those sitting in the room. She asked him if he thinks it is alarming that major media players have teamed up with Chinese Communist Party narratives.

She went on to highlight how they’ve teamed up with foreign state propaganda, Islamic radicals, and Latin gangs and cartels and yet they still work at the White House with direct access to him and his team.

How about that lemonade???!!! Kudos to Chanel Rion and OAN.

But sadly, what happens in the media world when quality journalists choose to do the right thing? This is what happens. This is the type of stuff no one learns about in Journalism school. Shortly after the presser, Chanel returned to her White House press desk and found a harassment note, typed out and taped to her desk.  The note asked her if she thought her questions were helpful in halting the spread of the Corona Virus.

Being the brave media soldier that she is, Rion left a note for the “anonymous journalist” who was too scared to ask her the question, directly.

I don’t know about you, but I’m 100% fed up with the faux media lemons. Though, come to think of it, squeezing the juice out of all those lemons is metaphorically “getting rid of about 75-80% of them.” Mary R. wrote about that savage Trump moment here.

Sean Davis summed up the left-wing media very well:

Ah heck, all this lemonade is packed with Vitamin-C so we have plenty to help us stay healthy. Ironically, the sweetest part of the deal is that this Chinese Corona Virus may help us wash out all of the media frauds after all.  Pass me a Corona, please.

Carry on patriots. Stay strong and healthy and safe out there, everyone.

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