There Are A-Holes, There Are Garbage Human Beings, And Then There’s This Guy Who Responded To Mary Katherine Ham.

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It’s days like this when I think humanity would be a lot better off if there were no humans involved.

Perhaps you remember that in the fall of 2015, Mary Katherine Ham, a well known journalist and frequent contributor on the cable news shows, lost her husband to a biking accident.  She was pregnant at the time. They had a young daughter.  It was absolutely tragic.  And she was full of grace about it from the word go. 

Fast forward to today.  Happily, Mary Katherine Ham has found love again, and just remarried a week or so ago. They’re a darling couple.


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And, the biggest of thank yous to my husband. He is strong & brave & occasionally infuriating. He is highly regimented & disciplined, but always game for a family costume. He is equally at home doing burpees w the girls on the back deck or dominating a round of Pretty Pretty Princess. He’s an all-in person, inhaling an 8-egg omelet or climbing every 20K+ peak he can. He maybe talks like a motivational poster too often— “10% effort, 10% results! 100% effort, 100% results!” —but you’ll find yourself motivated even if you don’t wanna be. He makes people around him better just by holding himself to a nearly impossible standard. He is a man of duty & honor & consistency, & all the things we fear are in too short supply. I thought he had it in him to marry an instant family. Just months in, he made his first dadding attempt, & it was advanced. We went to the Magic Kingdom with a 4- & 2-year-old. (pause for gasp) He not only survived, he thrived! Degree of difficulty is important to him bc what’s worth doing that doesn’t require hard work? And how do you get better if you don’t try them? There’s a tendency to see hardship as damage. He saw mine as a proving ground. So did I. We share bull-headedness & fierce independence, which makes for a lot of fireworks. But we also *really* share parenting—something he insisted upon— which makes life so much easier! He uses far fewer words & far more patience than I do. There’s a joke in our family that the girls & I are trash pandas— raccoons, w all our erratic behaviors & questionable hygiene— while he’s a regal, rare giant panda whose pristine bamboo forest we have invaded w our Coke cans & Cheez-It bags. There is conflict, but we’ve blended in way that suggests there’s a plan for it. I used to pray this, even when I didn’t believe it possible: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you & not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future.” Jer 29:11 But there’s an author in charge who’s a way better writer than I. I believe in Him & He helped us all #believeinsteve. About @guypbenson’s toast, Steve said, “he made me sound like a superhero!” Well, yeah.

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I mean, can you even?  Adding to her awesomeness, she’s a UGA Dawg. 🙂

Mary Katherine has written for The Federalist, for Townhall – it’s no secret that she’s conservative.  Which apparently is reason enough for the lowest of the low Twitter scumbags to come out and say things like this in response to one of her joyful newlywed posts.

I legit audibly gasped when I read that.  I mean, listen – Daisy and I get plenty of insults because we’re conservatives, and we throw ’em back with the best of ’em at liberals.  This is all sort of par for the course when you’re a politically engaged person, especially when you’re a publicly politically engaged person. But that comment went beyond political differences or ideology. It was just cruel, inhuman, and vile at the basest level.

I know me.  And if I’d been on the receiving end of that comment, I have 100% confidence that I would NOT have handled it with the grace that MK did.

She is just a total rockstar.

You can imagine the backlash that @BC25 got.  It was swift and fierce, but he just doubled down, retweeting his own ugliness and saying (paraphrasing because it’s no longer available), “I can’t believe I’m getting death threats over this comment.  Geez people lighten up.”

And now his account has vanished, which I can only hope was due to a change of heart, but which was in all likelihood due to the vast numbers of people probably reporting him to Twitter en masse.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this since last night, so I figured I’d get it purged out of my system by sharing it with you.  If the mood strikes, send MK a quick “Congrats on your marriage” tweet and remind her that for every jackhole like @BC25, there are far more decent humans in the world.


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