As Italy’s Death Toll Rises Drastically, President Trump Posts Inspiring Video That Brought Tears To My Eyes

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I’ve not always been grateful for Twitter, but the people of Italy have shared a silver lining of Twitter with all of us. Because of social media, Italy was able to share their hope with the world, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

As Italy’s death toll was beginning to rise drastically on Saturday, and stories of #COVID-19 were flooding social media, my heart was heavy.  And then, thanks to President Trump’s tweet, I saw this video of the Italian Air Force flying over Italy with a message of strength for her people.  It immediately brought tears to my eyes, tears of immense sadness, and yet, hope.

The flyover was set to the backdrop of Giacomo Puccini’s ‘Nessun Dorma,’ performed by Luciano Pavarotti, here is the full English translation of the song:

“None shall sleep,
None shall sleep!
Even you, oh Princess,
In your cold room,
Watch the stars,
That tremble with love
And with hope.
But my secret is hidden within me,
My name no one shall know,
No… no…
On your mouth, I will tell it,
When the light shines.
And my kiss will dissolve the silence that makes you mine!
(No one will know his name, and we must, alas, die.)
Vanish, o night!
Set, stars! Set, stars!
At dawn, I will win!
I will win!
I will win!”

During Italy’s lockdown, tenor and opera singer Maurizio Marchini went to his balcony and serenaded the entire town of Florence, giving locals and the world, hope, and joy as he too sang ‘Nessun Dorma.’

This story and many others from across Italy began to go viral over the weekend. The below provides an excellent summary of many heartwarming moments among quarantined Italians.

My heart is still heavy, but these stories of the Italian people restore my hope in humanity, unity among all peoples, confidence in pride for one’s country, and prayers of strength in resilience and positivity.  These stories provide us with immense promise in how, when people come together, we become the light in the darkness.

While these social media stories will not trend forever, they provide for an evergreen source of hope. I plan on frequently referring back to these bookmarks from today’s world; they are writing a remarkable story about how “We are all in this together.”


Stay Strong, Italy. You will prevail. And America and the world will, too.

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