Shocking and Unlawful Material Found on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop — Exposed In One Minute

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

In other non-COVID-19 news, take one minute to listen to this video.

Sidney Powell, General Flynn’s attorney, recently spoke at Hillsdale College, where she talked about the shocking and unlawful material contained on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. In case you forgot about Weiner’s laptop like Hillary Clinton wishes you would, here’s a link to refresh your memory of what went down in November 2016.

I have plenty of opinions on all of this but nevermind that. Just check out these three tweets from General Flynn, from November 2016. Take a look at General Flynn’s history, and you can decide for yourself why the Clintons went after him and why Obama weaponized his FBI and DOJ to get the job done.

General Flynn is trending on Twitter — due to Sidney Powell’s video going viral and President Trump tweeting about Flynn’s grave injustice specifically, how the FBI and DOJ have “lost” records providing exculpatory evidence for his case.

Something tells me that once the truth comes out, there won’t be a need for President Trump to pardon General Flynn.  General Flynn deserves to be fully exonerated.


Watch Sidney Powell’s full presentation on “How to Fix Justice” here.

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