Hemingway Stuns Everyone With One Question: ‘If Bloomberg Couldn’t Buy 2020, How Could Russia Buy 2016?’

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The “Russian Facebook advertising” narrative was pure malarkey, most of us get that, but now the Bloomberg ad campaign proves it.

Hemingway pointed out how Bloomberg’s failed campaign, despite unlimited resources, pokes holes in the popular narrative that Russia helped Donald Trump “steal” the 2016 election.
“We had years where people were saying a couple hundred thousand dollars in barely literate Facebook ads from Russians caused Donald Trump to win. Here you had a guy spend nearly $1 billion and he went nowhere. It’s a humiliating defeat for Michael Bloomberg,” she said.
Host Bret Baier drilled the point home: “So Russians influenced the election with $200,000, or $300,000 in Facebook ads? And Mike Bloomberg couldn’t get more than 50 delegates with $600 million dollars?”
“And this hurts Bernie Sanders’s message, too, because he likes to say the billionaires control everything,” Hemingway said. “Clearly Bloomberg having all this money didn’t do as much for him as Biden having the media and the establishment behind him. I would pick media and establishment over millions all day.”

It’s now two days after little Mike withdrew his nomination, and I’m over here wondering if his buyer’s remorse is setting in. A big thanks to little Mike. He effectively destroyed the liberal establishment media narrative about “the impact” of Russian Bot Facebook ads; what an epic fail for the Dems.  I mean, to come up with the Russian Facebook narrative, to begin with, and now for one of their own to completely dismantle it – it’s delicious. And I’m here to relish in the fact that a Democrat destroyed the BS Democrat narrative. This one factor alone was worth the hundreds of millions in cold hard cash he spent with his pathetic media minions.

He spent about $570 Million on ads alone, and in hindsight, he now knows he’d have been better off spending about $250,000. But Bloomberg will be okay; he has plenty more cash from wherever that half a billion surfaced. It leaves all of us wondering how he could have instead helped the homeless in New York City or those still struggling from the Flint Water Crisis, or, or, or, but I digress.

I never did quite understand how anyone paying attention would ever believe that an ad campaign of Russian Bot ads on Facebook would persuade well over 60 million Americans to vote for Trump. But if you’re a liberal media buyer working in today’s media world, you just might have believed that Trump is your President because of the reach and frequency and overall impressions made by Russians advertising on Facebook.

Beyond that, did any of you media pros out there ever think it was a bit weird that an old white little LIBERAL man has HALF A BILLION dollars to spend on really BAD ads? Ah shucks, at least Bloomberg, helped keep the lights turned on at your offices.

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign was the most expensive self-funded campaign in history, from USA Today:

If you’ve spent any time on Twitter since Tuesday, you’ve likely seen many opinions about why Bloomberg ran the campaign that he ran — lots of questions are out there regarding what his objective was. I’m not sure what he was thinking, but he surely knew there was no chance in heck of him winning given his well-established scale of unlikeability. In the chance that Bloomberg didn’t know how unlikeable he was before, at least his ad campaign for 2020, bought him those insights. For now, he can go back to his philanthropic work of policing everyone’s soda and salt intake.

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