Two Florida Democrats Sue To Keep Bernie Sanders Off The Primary Ballot

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Two Democrats in Florida are suing to keep Bernie Sanders off the Democratic primary ballot in their state.

George Brown and Frank Bach, both veterans, claim that Bernie shouldn’t be allowed on the ballot because he is an Independent, not a Democrat.

“Defendant “Sanders is clearly an Independent, and is clearly not a Democrat, by his own definitions.  His current ‘day job’ is as a United States Senator and he has consistently, proudly asserted his service in that role as Independent,” Brown and Bach wrote in their lawsuit.

They feel like Bernie is eliminating their votes as Democrats, so they want him barred from the race.

Isn’t that so the Democratic way?  If you can’t beat ’em, hamstring ’em.

The lawsuit is probably a nonstarter, as the Florida state Democratic party unanimously decided to allow Sanders on the primary ballot.

Both the executive director of the Florida Democratic party and Sanders’ spokesperson have shrugged off the lawsuit.

Sanders caucuses with Democrats, and votes with the party most of the time, even as he maintains his status as an Independent.  He doesn’t always refer to himself as an Independent, however, sometimes describing himself as a socialist or democratic socialist.  He is registered as a Democrat with the Federal Election Commission.

Yes, Bernie is radically far-left, but he’s also fairly indicative of who and where the Democratic party is these days.

He’s the party’s current frontrunner, most of the “squad” is out campaigning for him, and ideas largely associated with Bernie (like Medicare-for-all) have crept into the mainstream over the last few years.

Despite he semi-Independent status, Bernie has long been associated with the Democratic party.

It’s only now, when the octogenarian communist looks favored to win the party’s top spot, that the more moderate (read: sane) wing of the party starts to push back.

Too bad the pushback is probably too little, too late.

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