Disturbing “Festival of Wokeness” Goes Viral — Embraces Drag Queens, Drag Kids and Pedophiles

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This. Is. Child. Abuse.

Another week has gone by, and yet another inclusive liberal Drag queen “festival of wokeness” has gone viral. It was one of the first things I saw on Twitter Friday morning, and I asked WHY all damn day. Why and how did humanity get to the point of accepting this?

A viral TikTok video of a drag brunch shows a drag queen suggestively crawl up to a child before embracing her.
TikTok user Amelia Marino posted a video Feb. 9 captioned “Drag Brunch realness” that shows a room full of people watching a drag queen suggestively dance towards a little girl seated on a chair in the middle of the room.
“Wait till the end,” a caption on the video reads. “This sweet little girl asked her mom to get a better view.”
Drag queen Tynomi Banks’ publicist confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation that the drag queen in the video is indeed Banks, a Canadian Drag queen. Banks identifies as female, according to the Drag queen’s Facebook page.
“My drag is high fashion and very fun,” Banks told the Globe and Mail in 2018. “Because I am a dancer, I love to show off my physique – my legs are amazing!”


BUT IF anyone questions any of this, the LGBTQ+ community considers it “hate.”

I don’t know about you, but the way I see it — many if not most of these Drag queens that entertain children are out-of-the-closet predators enabled and empowered by the inclusion movement that harbors and promotes them. WTH is wrong with these people?

Seriously you guys, the predators of yesterday are the promoters of PRIDE today, THANKS TO THE LEFT. And THAT is seriously messed up.

Here’s yet another example of Drag queens exposing themselves, grooming innocent children while parents sit on the sidelines, permitting it, and encouraging it for the sake of being culturally “woke.”

LGBT activists insist there is nothing sexual about Drag queen Story Hours or LGBT-related “children’s books.” The truth is, however, that everything about the LGBT movement, as related to children, is not only sexual but that it’s an attempt to publicly groom children to a dangerous lifestyle of sin and confusion.

It doesn’t get much more obvious than that. Here’s a man who is writing children’s books with LGBT themes showing support for a “proud pedo” on Instagram. We’re just supposed to believe it’s not what it looks like?

That triangle-shaped tattoo just so happens to be an international symbol for Pedophilia, specifically for men who are sexually attracted to young boys. If liberal parents are so enlightened, why aren’t they aware of these symbols? The blatant pedo symbolism should leave absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind what this Drag queen represents. This case exposes the truth about Drag queen Story Hours and the push for Comprehensive Sex Education programs for children as young as preschool age.

PLUS, there’s now LGBTQ+…where the “plus” seems to include Drag kids and pedophiles within the diverse universe of PRIDE. My take on Drag kids is that in most cases if you look past the makeup and provocative costumes and wigs worn by Drag kids, you won’t have to look far and wide to find pedophiles lurking nearby – especially when Drag kids perform in clubs.  Honestly, I’d like someone to prove me wrong on that theory, but good luck.

PLUS, PLUS, there are real-life situations where Pedophilia is being taught to be a sexual orientation. Check out this TED Talk from 2018:

These people actually believe it is their choice and preference. Do liberals really believe this? What kind of sick powers in this world are behind this abhorrent normalization of Pedophilia?

And remember the “Love is Love…Love Has No Age” advertising campaigns during 2019 PRIDE Month?  Do liberals seriously believe that “love has no age?” If so, God help us all.

Meanwhile, might there be a positive shift and an awakening starting to happen? Is humanity starting to say HOLD ON A MINUTE, WTH IS GOING ON WITH THE LEFT? I hope so.  Closing on a positive note, the following two people are giving me some “hope for change.”

I’m encouraged by the logic and sanity shared by these social media influencers. They get it: (1) Kitty Demure, a Conservative-minded Drag queen who calls out parents who subject their children to Drag queen sexualization, and (2) Arielle Scarcella, a Lesbian who has walked away from the radical Left.

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