Taylor Swift Is A Whining Feminist Who Hates Men — Her New Music Video Proves It

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Taylor Swift has a new music video. This video is a response to Scooter Braun not giving Taylor Swift the rights to her music. “The Man” looks A LOT like Scooter, and she spends multiple frames highlighting her music that Scooter Braun owns while “The Man” pees all over it.

It is also blatantly obvious that Taylor Swift hates men and loves pandering.

Frame by frame shows a man, played by Taylor Swift, “winning” in every aspect of “his” life. Lyrics like “I would be complex. I would be cool.”, making it appear to listeners that only if you are a man, can you be these things. You can only be successful if you are a man. What Taylor Swift doesn’t tell you is that women have DOMINATED the music industry since she has been alive. According to Chart Master’s women were handily just as successful as men in the last two decades. Taylor Swift was one of the top artists in the 2010s. So, I would personally like to understand how she is being held back?

Approximate dollars made by each artist:

1. Eminem – 111,261,000
2. Linkin Park – 67,608,000
3. Britney Spears – 61,311,000
4. Coldplay – 60,719,000
5. Pink – 48,326,000
6. Norah Jones – 48,153,000
7. Nickelback – 46,375,000
8. Beyoncé – 45,829,000
9. Black Eyed Peas – 45,631,000
10. Alicia Keys – 43,142,000

1. Adele – 64,535,000
2. Drake – 52,256,000
3. Rihanna – 51,388,000
4. Bruno Mars – 46,315,000
5. Ed Sheeran – 45,547,000
6. One Direction – 44,466,000
7. Justin Bieber – 42,274,000
8. Taylor Swift – 41,382,000
9. Eminem – 30,942,000
10. Katy Perry – 29,742,000

How obnoxious can she get? It is so annoying that with every album she makes, it becomes harder to focus on her talent. Her talent sits in the shadows as her social justice agenda becomes the forefront of her brand.

Her brand is apparently “how much can I hate on men and teach little impressionable girls how to hate men too?” This works in her Hollywood bubble, but for middle America, it bombs.

I have written before about the demasculinization of the American male. And please don’t come for me in the comments, it is a word. Feminism used to help the plight of the American female without knocking men entirely out of the picture. Feminism has transformed into figuratively cutting the balls off any male, no matter what. All men are the worst, and women can open jars without them. I often wonder what her father and brother think of her views on men.

The worst part of this video, if I must choose just one, is the fact that The Rock was the voice for “the Man” character. I love The Rock, and I hate that he used his voice to perpetuate the hate Taylor Swift and her Hollywood feminist cult feels for his gender. Taylor Swift, like many Hollywood Elite, was very young when entering this bubble. Very few make it out alive much less with American values, and even if they did, Hollywood does not promote people that think differently.

Try not to gag.

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