Bernie Staffer Provides Toxic Support By Distastefully Mocking Other Candidates

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I know we encourage tasteful sarcasm and mockery where it is due, but this staffer has no bounds and takes it way too far.

Ben Mora was a regional field director for the Bernie Sanders campaign and attacks other Democrats with viciously personal jabs.

According to The Daily Beast:

During the most recent presidential primary debate in Las Vegas, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) suggested that critiques of some of his most antagonistic online supporters are largely unfounded and unfair, proposing that some of the worst offenders might actually be Russian trolls on a mission to sow disunity in the field.

But the private Twitter account of a newly promoted campaign staffer indicates that despite his condemnation of online harassment, at least some of the Vermont senator’s most toxic support is coming from inside the house.

If this is the Russian ‘support’ for Bernie that people are talking about, I say we just let continue to dig their own graves.

These are the very extremist supporters that the left ridiculed Trump supporters of being, which is asinine considering there’s a multitude of proof that the left (and now the socialist left I guess) surpasses the toxicity of any other political affiliation.

What’s even more sad is that the exceedingly cruel comments are also aimed towards family members and reporters.

Here are some screenshots of tweets from Ben Mora –

More from The Daily Beast:

But some of Mora’s tweets went beyond jokes in poor taste, like calling for Hillary Clinton to be catapulted from the face of the earth, into the kind of language that Sanders himself has called “disgusting.”

Mora, who joined the Sanders campaign last fall as an organizer in Iowa, locked the account roughly six months ago so that only followers—including at least one other person on the Sanders campaign payroll—could see what he tweeted.

But the account, which features a photo of Mora as its avatar, links directly to his personal Instagram and shares its name as well, remains active, with more than 4,000 followers.

It is confirmed by the Sanders campaign that Ben Mora has since been fired.

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