Ahead of South Carolina Primary, Rep. Jim Clyburn Endorses Joe Biden

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Rep. Jim Clyburn urged voters via press conference this morning to vote for Joe Biden in the South Carolina Primary. Jim Clyburn is the U.S. Majority Whip. Some tout Clyburn as the “king-maker.” Democrats in South Carolina pay attention and vote along with Clyburn’s suggestions.

Clyburn: “It is time for us to restore this country’s dignity, this country’s respect. That is what is at stake this year. I can think of no one better suited, better prepared. … No one more committed to the fundamental principles that make this country what it is, than my good friend, my late wife’s great friend, Joe Biden.”

Clyburn made his announcement with Biden in attendance at Trident Technical College in North Charleston. This is the most important endorsement in the Democratic race. The support is not surprising given the history between Clyburn and Biden, but Clyburn had held his endorsement quiet until after the debate. Many of Biden’s supports have urged Clyburn to endorse Biden before the South Carolina debates. Clyburn made his process know that the endorsement would not come until after the debate but before the primary.

Jim Clyburn is known for his ability to get voters to the polls. He has an impressive operation that includes massive grassroots efforts. Jim Clyburn was instrumental in gaining support for Obamacare.

Clyburn: “I want the public to know I am voting for Joe Biden. South Carolina should be voting for Joe Biden.”

Jim Clyburn’s plead for voters to choose Biden included an emotional remembrance of his late wife Emily and her love of Joe Biden. Biden is going to need all the support he can get as he narrowly leads the pack with 27% in his home state. His debate performance last night was better, but not good enough. With Jim Clyburn endorsing Joe Biden, he might have a chance to beat Bernie and hold off the socialist agenda Bernie brings with him.

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