Bernie Sanders Had A Heart Attack And Doesn’t Want Us To Talk About It

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Bernie Sanders’s medical records came up again last night and for a good reason. He is one of the oldest candidates (tied with Mini Mike), and he suffered a heart attack in the fall. In September, reports came out that Bernie Sanders was promising to release his full medical records by the end of the year. When that didn’t happen, only a few fringe journalists have called him out on it until last night.

Anderson Cooper:” Just last September you said that you would release your medical records before the primaries. You haven’t done that. You have released three letters from doctors, two of them cardiologists, one is your physician. Is releasing full medical records is that no longer something…” *Bernie cuts him off*
Bernie Sanders: “No we’ve released, I think Anderson, quite as much as any other candidate has. We released two rather detailed letters from cardiologists. We released a letter that came from the head of the US congress medical group. I think we have released a detailed report and I am comfortable with what we have done.”
Anderson Cooper: “Just to be clear you don’t plan to release any more records?”
 Bernie Sanders: “I don’t. I don’t think we will.”

The released reports do not give the American people enough information about his heart attack or the likeliness of this happening to Bernie again. Trump got tortured in the press for his weight and eating habits. They claimed that the way he eats alone should make him ineligible to serve as President. They claimed that we couldn’t trust that he would survive his presidency. Trump released his medical records and proved otherwise.

If he has nothing to hide, why say that you will release them but then decide to protect them? I smell yet again another Democrat cover-up. Bernie Sanders is an angry older man with a bad ticker, but his Press Secretary went on CNN to tell us that it’s all just a smear campaign.

Braihna Joy Gray claims that this is a smear campaign that is likened to the lineage questions that previous presidents and candidates have received. She also says that Mike Bloomberg has had a heart attack. There are records that Bloomberg has had irregular heartbeats and stents put in, but I can’t find anything on him having a heart attack. This is probably Bernie’s campaign giving the American people a misdirect. Just release your records, Bernie, and shut everyone up. If you don’t and suffer a heart attack, you prove that you lied to the American people about your ability to be fit for office.

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