The Sister Of Greta Thunberg Launches Singing Career

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I can’t say this is completely factual, but I have had a gut feeling for a while that Greta’s rise to fame would eventually circle back around to the family’s singing/performing (after I had done some research on the family about their history and whatnot).

The Thunberg family is officially cashing in – in the name of activism, though.

Thank God it’s a ploy masked by virtue.

According to Daily Mail:

Greta Thunberg’s younger sister is launching her singing career with a performance as a young Edith Piaf in a musical alongside her opera singer mother.

The climate crusader’s ‘super talented’ sibling Beata Ernman will play the late French singer in a show which opens in Stockholm later this year.

Beata, 14, has previously joined her sister on a climate march but has now chosen to follow in the footsteps of her mother, Malena Ernman.

Alright, fam, time to jump on the fame train!

… oh, I mean, the boat, or a bike, or something more environmentally friendly.

More from Daily Mail:

Svante Thunberg [Greta’s father] explained last year how the family had adopted a green lifestyle after Greta ‘fell ill’ and stopped eating.

Speaking during an edition of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme which was guest-edited by Greta, he said the family had made changes in order to ‘save’ their daughter.

Mr Thunberg said his wife stopped flying and had to ‘change her whole career’.

He added: ‘To be honest, she [Greta’s mother] didn’t do it save the climate – she did it to save her child because she saw how much it meant to her, and then, when she did that, she saw how much she grew from that, how much energy she got from it.’

Why the heck wouldn’t Greta eat? I can’t tell if they’re referring to emotional strain from being ‘so affected’ by the climate ‘crisis’ or if she just didn’t have anything to eat because she wanted to completely change her lifestyle. Thus, nothing in the fridge fit her do-gooder criteria?

I don’t know much about Sweden, but I doubt vegetables are difficult to come by.

Anyways, can’t say I’m surprised by this.

Greta is a great actress, as she stays in character when reciting her scripts, and the rest of the family members are in performing arts of some sort. So, performing an act is a family affair. How cute.

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