BREAKING: Indiana Teacher Who Stood Against Red for Ed Has Been Fired

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

An Indiana elementary school teacher has been fired from her job after starting a Purple for Parents – Indiana chapter.  Purple for Parents stands in direct opposition to the political agenda of Red for Ed.

Jennifer explains why she was fired in the video above.

The tipping point came when Jennifer posted a link on Monday February 10th to an article against the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum that her district teaches.  This was posted in the private Facebook group, Purple for Parents Indiana.

Jennifer gives her full story in an interview to Steve Daniels, who is part of the Purple for Parents in Arizona, where the whole movement began.

According to Jennifer, she was called into the principal’s office on Valentine’s Day.   She was then told she could resign or she would be fired.  She asked them why she was being fired and was told she was hurting the reputation of the school.  They also stated they were concerned because there were teachers who were upset and offended by things she had said.  They also accused her of not being a team player and being untruthful.  She asked them what she was being untruthful about and they did could not give her a specific answer.  Jennifer notes that she always worked on Purple for Parents on her own private time and did not push an agenda at school.

Jennifer believes this is a retaliation firing because of her political views.  Jennifer is concerned about the role of SEL in schools and believes it is being used in many cases to create little activists and SJWs.

Does anyone think it’s any coincidence that a teacher leading a movement in direct contradiction to Red for Ed gets fired?  Apparently, it’s okay to wear red and push politics in the schools, so long as it matches what the union wants.

I was uncomfortable going to the elementary school my children attend on Red for Ed day.  Nearly everyone was wearing red, including most of the children.  My son’s teacher talked to his class about Red for Ed, which was wholly inappropriate.  People (presumably parents) were protesting up and down the parent drop-off line.  I had one woman hold a Red for Ed sign in my window and just stare me down as I obviously very intentionally ignored her.

There is a real question about the appropriate role of SEL in schools.  Whose values are being taught?  And with our kids falling behind in reading, writing, and mathematics, why is more time being taken away from teaching the basics?

This teacher, Jennifer, has GUTS.  It takes a lot of courage to go up against the administration, co-workers, and overall (misguided) public sentiment.  Jennifer has done just that, knowing she was risking her job and becoming a social pariah.  Teachers should not forfeit their First Amendment rights just because they teach.  And, apparently they don’t as long as they are using those First Amendment rights to protest for the political goals of the union.

If we ever expect the schools to change, then we need to support and fight for teachers who courageously stand up against the union, bad curriculum, and liberal indoctrination.

Jennifer has lost her income and will likely need to hire an attorney.  If you feel moved, please consider donating to the GoFundMe setup to help Jennifer and her family.

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