Man Repeatedly Punches Reclined Airline Seat In Front Him — Woman Wants to Press Charges [VIDEO]

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Wendi Williams is the name of the airplane passenger whose video went viral, which showed the passenger behind her repeatedly punching the back of her chair as she was reclined.

Williams is expressing her desire to press assault charges against the man seated behind her. She also stated that she believed the flight attendant, Loretta, should be fired since Loretta was apologetic to the man punching her seat instead of helping Williams reach a resolve no matter how often Williams requested assistance in the matter.

Fox News reported:

Williams also aimed her frustration at the flight attendant, Loretta, whom she said threatened to remove her from the aircraft if she didn’t delete the video recording.

“I had my hand raised as I was videoing him so that I would get the flight attendant’s attention. She came over to me kind of huffy,” Williams claimed.

The flight attendant, she said, instead came to the man’s defense and apologized to him for the tight space.

Who do y’all side with on this one?

I mean, I feel like they could’ve taken shifts… she takes 30 minutes of reclined time, then he can enjoy 30 minutes of room. *shrugs* just a thought…

Check out this video of Williams explaining her side –

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