Colorado Democrats Vote For Full Term Abortion And The ‘Right To Choose’ Infanticide

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As a Coloradan, I’m grieving. How have we gotten to this point? Tuesday, Colorado Democrats aka Polis Puppets, voted down two bills that would protect babies. (1) Democrats shot down a bill that would mandate medical care for babies who survive abortion, and (2) they killed a bill seeking to outlaw late-term abortions post 22 weeks gestation. Obama must be so proud of his Colorado team. After all, it was Obama who proclaimed seven years ago, “God Bless Planned Parenthood.”

On Tuesday, Colorado Democrats voted down a bill seeking to mandate medical care to born-alive survivors of abortions, House Bill 1068.
“The bill establishes a physician-patient relationship between a child born alive after or during an abortion and the physician who performed or attempted to perform the abortion,” outlines
The bill would require physicians “to exercise the same degree of professional skill, care, and diligence to preserve the life and health of the child as a reasonably diligent and conscientious physician would render to any other child born alive at the same gestational age and requires that the child born alive be immediately transferred to a hospital.”
The House State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee killed House Bill 1068, as well as another bill (House Bill 1098) seeking to outlaw abortions past 22 weeks gestation, along party lines, with Republicans backing the bills and Democrats opposing them, Colorado Politics noted.

Despite massive blowback for their vote, Colorado Senate Dems continue their stance on the issue:

@COSenDem tweeted at 1:56 PM · Feb 11, 2020:
“NO ONE should be shamed or stigmatized for decisions to control their own body. Reproductive care — including abortion — is a fundamental right.”

Really Colorado Dems? Really? Because outside of your little woke bubble, most humans understand these facts of life:

(1) If a baby is born alive after an attempted abortion, then he or she is typically taken to a “safe space” across the room from its mother. The baby is, at that point living in its own body and has the same right to live and dream as its mother does.

At this stage, no matter the situation, what human would not try to protect an innocent baby?  Maybe someone or some power who can profit from abortion? Perhaps Planned Parenthood’s profit from the sale and trafficking of baby parts overrides any infant’s right to life? But I digress. I’m sure none of the Colorado Democrats out there are seeing any of the kickbacks that Planned Parenthood has planned with their $45 Million assigned to 2020 Democratic campaigns. Right?

(2) Abortion is not “reproduction,” so Dems, you might want to change your choice of wording away from “reproductive care.” Full-term abortion OR standing by refusing to help a baby that is crying out to you for help (as you wait for the baby to die) is not planned parenthood — it is “planned murder.”

(3) Why would any human decide to abort a full-term baby? There is a thing called adoption. Humane Societies that rescue abandoned animals are BIG into adoption and rescue. Might that be more relatable for y’all? Just curious. How about forgoing abortion and decide to help “rescue” human babies? Just a thought. I mean, Colorado Democrats would freak out to hear of a case of someone drowning their unwanted puppies. Right?

There are so many people, unable to have kids, and dreaming of adoption. So if all y’all Democrats are focused so much on LOVE and dreamers, don’t you think adoption might be a good thing to consider for humanity? Unless, of course, you’ve all already sold out to the forces behind Planned Parenthood and all.

In the name of “Mother Earth,” there are many things Democrats seem to value and recycle and re-gift to save the planet, but they have no problem throwing away something as precious as LIFE.

(4) The Colorado Democrat vote for infanticide may end up ripping away many votes that had previously lined Democrat pockets. I guess it was their choice.

Meanwhile, until the next election, congrats Colorado Dems, you’ve gone and earned yourselves an honorable mention from the likes of Kermit Gosnell.

As Gosnell said in 2013: “…I continue to feel optimistic of the eventual outcome…the vindication of what I’ve done, why I’ve done it, and how [it] will become accepted within my lifetime.”  — Kermit Gosnell, after his conviction

After all his horrendous crimes, even Kermit Gosnell had the right to life and the right to dream of politicians just like Colorado’s Democrats — those who have now vindicated all his hard work.

Way to go Colorado Dems, you’ve made both Obama and Gosnell proud.

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Honestly, I’m not sure why I’m shocked — Governor Polis and Virginia’s Governor Northam were both woven into the fabric of Obama’s “Colorado Model” and “Virginia Model.” When running for office, Polis never did say he’d refuse a vote for infanticide. And we all know how Northam started promoting infanticide in Virginia, one year ago, so we should have seen this coming all along.

(5) Colorado’s Democrats have quite the leader in Polis.  Watch how Polis sold himself “against” full-term abortion (but not really) when running for Governor in 2018.  And here’s even more of Polis and his bull, in the Fall of 2018 — he avoids answering questions better than Mayor Pete:

Unfortunately, because of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain High of Trump Derangement Syndrome back in 2018, Democrat voters were hell-bent on “getting Trump.” Hence, they carelessly checked off every blue box on their ballots, leading to a Democrat majority in the Colorado House and Senate. And now, after two-plus years of the “Russia Russia Russia Hoax” and an unrecalled Polis sitting in Colorado’s Governor seat, here we are.

In closing, I heard the Colorado Dems might soon be busy with some paperwork for ICE. Have fun with that, and keep on sharing your love with those “dreamers.” What a concept it would be for Colorado Democrats to defend the lives of innocent babies the same way they work to protect illegal aliens. Right?

As Obama once said, elections have consequences. Democrats who voted for Polis and his Colorado Democrat Puppets can now face up to owning Colorado’s choice on full-term abortion and infanticide.

Hope it was worth it.

#ChooseLife. #MakeColoradoGreatAgain