Virginia Democrats Storm Out After Black Pastor Condemns Abortion, Gay Marriage

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Alright, so be prepared, listening to the prayer isn’t the most exciting few minutes, but you just have to listen long enough to see the eye-rolls commence around him.

It’s a strong message and definitely worth the listen, but holy guacamole, are they seriously surprised the PASTOR is sharing these views?

The state Democrats don’t even try to hide how they feel about it, and you can see the pastor feels the judgmental energy in the room just through the inflection of his voice.

At one point, you can hear a member of the chamber yell, “Is this a prayer or a sermon?!”

Towards the end, the Democratic speaker banged her gavel, bringing the prayer to an immediate halt, and forcing the room into the Pledge of Allegiance.

At least he was able to get his main talking points in, amiright?

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