Mock Is A Chin-ist, And Liberals Are Butthurt By Grades Now, And Hackers Want You To Send Nudes

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Aw yes, a packed Thursday here on our Facebook Live, as we get ready to break down all the haps o’ the day.  Mock is now on the “I AM FREAKING THE F*** OUT” over coronavirus train, because she’s now learned that you can never trust commies to tell you what’s ACTUALLY going on in their country.  Let alone have decent medical care for their people.

Also, there is a new hacking scheme that holds your personal information hostage unless you hand over nudes.  YAAAAAAY technology!

And you know we have a peak 2020 story for y’all – an elementary school in Madison, Wisconsin feels as though GRADES are too meeeeeean for children.  That’s right.  Grades hurt their precious, fragile FEEEEEEELINGS, so they’ve gotten rid of those.

Pray for this next generation, y’all.  Because damn.

Happy Thursday, everyone!