Kirk Douglas Makes a Presidential Endorsement Just Before Death

Michael Douglas is reporting that his father, Kirk Douglas, made a dying declaration, endorsing Michael Bloomberg for president.

Michael Douglas is saying that,  “Mike [Bloomberg] can get it done” were some of actor Kirk Douglas’s “last words” before he died last week.

What in the actual hell?  How sad is that?  Of all the things to be thinking about when you are near death!  I pray to God I am not lying on my deathbed thinking about politics.

Like his father, Michael Douglas is also enamored with Bloomberg.  He said,

[Bloomberg] has a proven record. He has done more as a private citizen and as a mayor than most any congressman or senator [or] elected official. This is a great, great guy. This is a rare, rare moment. I haven’t felt like this since John Kennedy. Yes, granted, at one time [Bloomberg] was a Republican, but the Republican Party stood for something that it doesn’t now. He was [also an] independent. And now he’s a stone cold Democrat. In my lifetime, I really can’t think of a better candidate for the president of the United States than Mike Bloomberg.

Don’t you just love it when Democrats act like there was EVER a time when they didn’t hate Republicans?  For my whole life Republicans have been attacked as racist, sexist, greedy, homophobes who hate the poor and want kids to starve to death.

The only time liberals like Republicans is when they backstab other Republicans (e.g. Mitt Romney, John McCain, John Bolton, Bill Kristol, etc.).  And even then, they only like them for about 10 seconds.

In any case, I hope Kirk Douglas is Resting in Peace now.

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