Jim Carrey Accused Of Sexual Harassment, And I Am Now In The Unfortunate Position Of Having To Defend Jim Carrey.

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I’m gonna need a shower after this.

Jim Carrey is a disgusting, TDS-suffering idiot who has gone so far off the leftist deep end he’s practically unrecognizable as the fun-loving goofball that he used to be back in the Ace Ventura days.

There’s really no need to belabor what a complete a-hole he’s turned into, because that’s not the point of this post.  I just need you all to know how much I hate having to be on his side about ANYTHING.

But today?  I’m on his side.

According to this, and many many many other sourcelinks like it, Jim Carrey recently interviewed with a female Heat Magazine reporter by the name of Charlotte Long about his new movie, Sonic the Hedgehog.  Before you watch the clip below, just remember a couple of things:

  1.  Jim Carrey is a comedian. That’s a fairly well established fact.
  2.  Comedians tend to kid and joke around with people.

I can’t believe either of those things requires spelling out, but this is where we are now.

Anyway, during the interview, Charlotte asked Jim Carrey what was left to do on his bucket list, and his reply, which was CLEARLY IN JEST, was to say, “Just you.”

Her reaction?  Well, take a look for yourself – around the 1.45 minute mark:

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There’s no word from Charlotte Long, now that the internet has exploded in outrage over this VILE DISPLAY OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT (insert all the eyerolls here), about whether she herself felt violated in any way.  Her reaction in the moment certainly didn’t indicate anything other than a normal, playful response to harmless flirtation.  But we live in outrage culture now, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she were now DEEPLY TRAUMATIZED by this horrific display of patriarchal privilege.  All we know is what we see in the video, and the fact that she has marked her Twitter account private in the wake of the controversy.

I’d love to believe that she finds all the outrage about this to be as ridiculous as I do.  I loathe Jim Carrey, and had I been required to interview him for some reason and he said this to me, I’d likely have laughed and said, “DREAM ON” or something to that effect.  And then I would have moved on with my life.

But Cancel Culture is rabid, y’all.  And they’re after him:


These reactions make women look so pathetic and weak and fragile and ridiculous.

And you know what?  Men are screwed regardless.  Daisy and I actually talked about this earlier today – how if a super hot guy flirts with you, your reaction to the flirting may be totally different than it would be if a super creepy guy flirts with you.  Guys can’t win, because they don’t KNOW which women will find them hot and which women will find them creepy.  So what do women want?  For men to stop flirting altogether?  Sorry, but I don’t buy it.  What they want is for ONLY MEN THEY FIND ATTRACTIVE to flirt with them, and that’s not fair to men.

So yeah.  I’m sticking up for Jim Carrey right now, because he’s a comedian who was engaging in some harmless flirtation and NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH IT.  Everyone needs to calm down.