Democrats Are Hysterical About Roger Stone Sentencing, Calling for More Impeachments

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It appears the only agenda the Democrats have for America is IMPEACHMENT.

Following the recent brouhaha  over the Justice Department sentencing recommendation for Roger Stone, prominent Democrats are calling for the impeachment of both President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is calling for the impeachment of AG Barr over the Roger Stone sentencing.

“I have to say I know everybody wants to talk about the horse race, but the thing that is really getting to me right now is what’s going on over at the Justice Department. The whole notion that we have people in our Justice Department resigning because Donald Trump’s inappropriate influence and the attorney general overturning a sentencing of Donald Trump’s cronies. You know, right in front of our eyes, we are watching a descent into authoritarianism. And this just seems like a moment to me everybody should be speaking up.”  She added, “Understand we should all be calling for the Attorney general to resign. What Barr has done should mean that we are demanding a resignation, and if that guy won’t resign, then the House should start impeachment proceedings against him.”

Hmmm…AG Barr recently announces a huge crackdown on sanctuary cities and now the knives are out for him.  Coincidence?

Not content with just impeaching Barr, the Democrats are also considering impeaching President Trump, again.  Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) was interviewed by Jake Tapper about President Trump’s tweets regarding the Roger Stone sentencing fiasco.

Host Jake Tapper asked, “Might you impeachment him over this, over Roger Stone and the sentencing?”

Swalwell said, “You know, we’re not going to take our options off the table. We don’t wake up in the morning wanting to impeach him.”

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He added, “We want to work with him on prescription drugs, background checks, and infrastructure, but we’re not going to let him just torch this democracy because he thinks that he’s been let off once and we’re not going to do something about it.”

Who is he crapping?  The Democrats have zero interest in working on prescription drugs, infrastructure, or anything else.  They spend all their time talking about impeachment and what their next investigation into the administration will be.

Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) broke down why the Democrats have no basis for their latest case of hysterics.   You can see it and read about it here in Mock’s latest article.

Here are some of the tweets that have enraged Democrats.

The Democrats are in full panic mode since they know that none of their presidential candidates can beat DJT.