Warren Supporter Gives $3 Of Her $6 To ‘The Fight’ And… Warren Takes It?

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The cringe factor is basically handed to us on a silver platter.

HA HA HA! She advocates to help students get out of debt, then takes half their money.

(It was never confirmed if Warren actually kept the money but she also didn’t deny it.)

The hilarious irony of this is the fact that this is how it would actually play out if Warren won; no matter how much money you make, half of it will go to the ‘greater cause,’ leaving you more broke than before.

Warren really should have said something along the lines of, ‘no, let ME give you $3 on top of your $6.’ I feel like that would’ve helped her case a little more even though her proposals still suck and would be completely ineffective in practice.

But thank sweet baby Jesus for the hour long selfie line. #Priorities

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