Virtual Reality Technology Reunites Mother With Deceased Daughter — Helpful Or Harmful?

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As if the world isn’t already inundated with delusion…


I’m going to be totally honest, this video made me tear up.

The Daily Wire reported:

A Korean TV special called “Meeting You” recently explored a family’s grief over the loss of its seven-year-old daughter and built to a rather bizarre climax when the mother reunited with the girl in a virtual reality that included audio.

Grieving is a process that should not be prolonged. You reach an emotional point where it just becomes torture if you can’t find closure to let go.

The virtual reality technology was able to provide the mother with an interactive experience by replicating her deceased daughter in a 3D image, accompanied by touch-sensitive gloves, and the sound of her daughter’s voice. They were even able to share conversation.

More from The Daily Wire:

The little girl, Nayeon, died in 2016 from an incurable disease. As the meeting unfolds, Ji-sung celebrates Nayeon’s birthday as they enjoy some virtual honey rice sweets, a cake, and Nayeon’s favorite seaweed soup.

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This honestly makes my heart hurt more for the mother, as the aftermath must be so painful.

Wouldn’t there be a part of you that just craves additional episodes of the virtual reality interactions?

It almost seems as though it could hold the potential to become addictive and could potentially encourage avoidant behavior.

The grieving would simply be prolonged, followed by the painful realization that, no matter how realistic technology becomes, the simulation is never the real person.

Here’s the video for your viewing. What are your thoughts?