Trump Completely Outnumbers Obama’s Turnout From 2012 NH Primary

No need to fret about Bernie’s numbers in the New Hampshire primary because Trump is KILLIN’ IT with his numbers.

In fact, his numbers surpass Obama’s turnout numbers… more than double.

As Breitbart reported:

With 86 percent reporting, Trump earned 117,462 votes in the New Hampshire Republican primary, more than twice the 49,080 primary voters who voted for former President Barack Obama in the New Hampshire primary in 2012.

Check this out!

More from Breitbart:

Here is the record for previous presidents:

President Donald Trump in 2020: 110,717
President Barack Obama in 2012: 49,080
President George W. Bush in 2004: 52,962
President Bill Clinton in 1996: 76,797

This election is such an imperative one for a plethora of reasons, but definitely because we’re one election away from our Founder’s nation turning inside out.

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