Takeaways From Last Night’s New Hampshire Primary

First of all, before you do anything else, listen to the tail end of this clip from Tucker’s show the night before last.  Start around the 12.38 minute mark:

The party can go full commie with Bernie, or steal the election from Bernie, in which case they’re gonna lose the Bernie bros and cause total chaos at the convention.  That’s basically what Tucker is saying, and I think he’s right.  He’s also spot on about Pete Buttigieg being a robot.  I can’t believe people fall for that scripted phony.

Last night, despite the fact that Bernie won, Bernie didn’t have a particularly good night, if you consider the fact that he LOST around 75k votes since 2016’s primary against Hillary, and if you consider the fact that he beat Hillary with 60% of the vote, versus edging out Pete Buttigieg by a hair last night.

And with Klobuchar in a pretty close third, it’s clearer now than ever that Democrats are completely split, have no idea how they can choose between such total losers, and are in a world of hurt.  And you know who REALLY won last night?  Michael Bloomberg, who you KNOW watched all of that from his diamond encrusted billionaire armchair and laughed like a maniac.

Klobuchar got more votes than Warren and Biden COMBINED, you guys.  That’s pretty amazing.  And I’d like to believe that it’s because she was the only one on the debate stage last Friday to raise her hand when the moderators asked if there was concern about having the word “socialist” tied to the Democrat nominee.  Everyone else has just gone full blown commie, and she was the hold-out.  Perhaps that appealed to the tiny handful of Democrats out there who are Actually Reasonable.

Also, please enjoy this video of Ashley Judd stumping for Elizabeth Warren yesterday, in which she shows once again that her face has become so impossibly fillerfied that she can no longer open her eyes.  (And yes, I know I made a typo in it and forgot the word “able.”) 🙂

The comments on that thread.  Holy crap.  I thought I was mean.

Anyway, the Democrat party is in shambles, y’all.  But Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren and others are staying in the race.  Yang got out, and so did Michael Benet, finally. There was like a 10 minute rumor last night that Steyer was out too, but his team put that vicious rumor to bed.  There’s still money in the bank account.

Now? Well, it’s off to South Carolina and Nevada, and then in early March it’s Super Tuesday, when voters in Alabama, American Samoa, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia will have their primaries.

What are your predictions?

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