National Organization Of Women Facing Inner Turmoil Over Sex Work, And It’s Absolutely Fascinating.

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Did you guys see this article?

It’s all about how Toni Van Pelt, the HBIC (look it up) of the National Organization of Women spoke in front of the DC City Council to let them know that the Official Stance of NOW was that sex work is the “most extreme version of the violent oppression of women.”

That came as a bit of a shock to the president of the local chapter of NOW, who said, about Van Pelt’s testimony, “That [was] the most blatant demonstration of disrespect we’ve had in a long time. And honestly they probably don’t even realize it.”


The infighting at NOW over this is growing, and that’s kind of a big deal considering there are 550 NOW chapters. Feminists cannot seem to figure out where they are on this issue. Some believe that sex work of any kind is damaging, harmful, and disempowering to women.  Others believe that women should have the right to do whatever they want to do with their bodies, and if that means trading sex for money, that’s their choice.

So reading that led me down a bit of a rabbit hole about where feminists stand on the sex work issue, particularly when it comes to whether or not sex work should be decriminalized.  And so Daisy and I decided to devote this week’s episode of the Mock and Daisy Common Sense Cast to this very topic.

I think you’ll find our views about this somewhat surprising, given that a) we don’t totally agree on it and b) at least one of us is sort of all over the place about it.

Take a listen, and let us know where you stand!

Listen to “Ep. 28: The Feminists – they’re fighting about sex AGAIN” on Spreaker.

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