Joe Biden States That Mickey Mouse Could Have A Shot Against Trump

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I feel like Mickey Mouse would actually be an improvement from any Democrat candidates that we have to choose from.

Mickey Mouse would also insult everyone a lot less than Biden does.

So, let me guess, if Biden is supposed to personify Mickey in this analogy, is everyone else dog-faced pony soldiers?

As The Daily Wire reported:

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been seen as the most electable of the Democratic primary since before he announced his candidacy. He has also used “electability” as a rallying cry for his campaign.

I’d say he successfully undermined his entire campaign by essentially stating ‘any Democrat could lose.’

The Quinnipiac University Poll showed 44% electability in January for Biden. That number has since dropped to 27%.

The dismal results in Iowa, albeit we may never truly know who won the caucuses considering the plethora of errors, have caused Biden’s campaign to dwindle.

More from The Daily Wire:

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This past weekend, he told an audience in Manchester, New Hampshire: “Everybody knows two things. You have to win, you have to be able to beat Trump and you have to be able to elect Democrats in states we have to win.”

I’m pretty certain that’s three things… but, not the point.

The closest accuracy in referencing Mickey Mouse would be Biden’s future in needing to require a visitor’s pass to visit the White House.

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