Trump and Pence Pay Tribute During Dignified Transfer Of Two US Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan

I sincerely admire how present Trump is, especially in regards to such heart-wrenching circumstances.

Sgt. Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, 28, and Sgt. Antonio Rey Rodriguez, 28, lost their lives while on an US-Afghan operation, when an Afghan army soldier opened fire with a machine gun.

As Military Times reported:

Trump saluted and Vice President Mike Pence placed his hand over his heart as transfer cases containing the remains were carried out of a C-17 military plane and transferred to a transport vehicle.

National security adviser, Robert O’Brien, stated that the president ended his rally in New Hampshire early so that he could fly out to Delaware and spend time with the families.

While Biden is insulting his potential voters, Trump decided to be with those mourning the fallen soldiers.

More from Military Times:

As Trump and Pence stood on the tarmac in a falling mist, a woman among the mourners broke free of efforts to hold her back and ran toward the plane. She threw herself on its ramp, crying and screaming, as mourners and an official tried to restrain her. She wailed as the doors on the transfer vehicle closed.

People want to spread so much hate about President Trump, but his family values, for family he’s not even related to, are extraordinary.

More from Military Times:

Washington’s peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has been meeting with Taliban representatives in the Middle Eastern state of Qatar in recent weeks. He’s seeking an agreement to reduce hostilities to get a peace deal signed that would start negotiations among Afghans on both sides of the conflict.

In his State of the Union Address last Tuesday, Trump referenced the peace talks, saying U.S. soldiers were not meant to serve as “law enforcement agencies” for other nations.

My heart breaks for the friends and families of our soldiers.

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