The Oscars, The 1,856,528th Democrat Debate, And Other Monday Haps!

Did y’all watch the Oscars?  If you did, congratulations, because I only watched Brad Pitt’s and Joaquin Phoenix’s acceptance speeches this morning, and they were enough to validate the fact that I’m happy I didn’t watch that garbage last night.

Apparently, Brad Pitt has his acceptance speeches written for him, so we know now that celebrities really are phony as hell.

Also, there was a Democrat debate last Friday, and I didn’t watch that either, but I did manage to see the clips of Biden asking everyone in the audience to give Vindman a standing ovation.  So that was neat.

And there’s other stuff going on today, too.  Mainly, Valentines Day is coming up this weekend, so you’ll see Mock wearing a TON of pink and red this week, y’all.  You’ve been warned.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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