Biden, Bernie & Buttigieg Make Digs At Trump For Taking Out Top Terrorist Soleimani

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I dare any one of these three to approach the families of those who died under the command of Soleimani and tell them those exact words. I’ll wait.

This is the question that was posed:

“While there is still debate on whether there was an imminent threat, there is no debate on whether Soleimani was a bad actor who was responsible for the deaths of many Americans,” ABC News said. “Given what you know about Soleimani, if your national security team came to you with an opportunity to strike, would Soleimani have been dead or would he still be alive under your presidency?”

Here’s what ol’ Pete Buttigieg had to say –

I love how he ends it saying, “it’s that taking out a bad guy is not a good idea if you do not know what you are doing.” Uh. Just because YOU don’t know what you’re doing while you’re mulling in your pandering, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea.

Also, please define your vague use of ‘knowing what you’re doing.’ I’d love to hear it.

That’s like someone saying, “Oh, I have to physically be in the same room as my significant other when they’re cheating on me because the texts, the nudes, and the video footage doesn’t really confirm enough.”

Heavy sigh. Then, there’s Bernie.

The Daily Wire reported:

  • The United States designated IRGC-QF a Foreign Terrorist Organization for its activities, and the United States designated Soleimani as a Specially-Designated Global Terrorist.

Hmm. Global Terrorist, you say?

Seems like we’re doing America AND other countries a favor by taking out Soleimani. Interesting…

Last, but not least, Biden!

I’m pretty certain that the murders of hundreds upon hundreds of Americans would qualify as ‘imminent threat.’

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