Bette Midler Has Lost It Completely And Genuinely Believes Trump Will Be President Forever.

Did y’all see Trump’s presser yesterday?  I cannot overstate how much I loved it.  I loved how he gave personal, meaningful praise to all of the people who have been working so hard on his defense over this bullsh*t impeachment process.  Compare and contrast to ANY OPPORTUNITY Obama had to speak in front of a crowd.  Obama’s speeches were ALWAYS about him.  Trump spent most of his time talking about the good works of others.

It was awesome.  Funny, sweet, personal, celebratory, with just the right amount of YOU CAN SUCK IT, DEMOCRATS thrown in for good measure.

Trump has also been tweeting a lot (HE RETWEETED US DID WE MENTION THAT BECAUSE OMG), and one of the things Trump likes to do when he tweets is to post funny trolling videos that other people have made.  Bette Midler saw one of those videos, and you guys – I don’t know how to tell you this without doubling over in side splitting laughter – but SHE BELIEVES IT.





I mean, it’s not like it’s news that Bette Midler is batsh*t, but this level of batsh*ttery is unprecedented.

And she wasn’t done.

She also retweeted a quote from Nancy Pelosi from Nancy’s presser yesterday – it’s that same quote that so many on social media are using as if it makes some sort of huge point:

I’m not sure how many different ways I can say this, but NO ONE GIVES A SH*T ABOUT THIS “SCAR.”  It’s meaningless, because it came from a sham process in Nancy Pelosi’s house. History can record it however it wants to, but Trump will continue to be president, he’s not being removed, he’s been acquitted by the Senate, and he’ll likely be re-elected because of all of the Democrats’ continued batsh*ttery.  So call it a scar, call it an asterisk, call it whatever in the holy hell you wanna call it – but it changes NOTHING for Democrats. In fact, it has only HELPED motivate people further to rally behind the president. So…congrats?

Bette still wasn’t done.

If Trump is making Bette Midler physically sick simply by existing as her President, then Imma go ahead and add that to the ever-growing list of accomplishments he’s made during his first term.

You know what Bette Midler has pinned at the top of her Twitter profile?  This.

Remember like 74 years ago when Bette Midler was quirky and funny?  Good times.

Anyway, if you’re a person who retweets Bette Midler unironically and with support for what she’s saying, you are an idiot.

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