BREAKING: DNC Chair Tom Perez Calls For A Recanvas In Iowa

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The Democratic Iowa Caucuses are officially a cluster you-know-what.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez is officially acknowledging as much.  He knows there is no confidence or trust in the results coming out.

The Daily Wire reports,

“The state party, in reforms for 2020, introduced an opportunity for campaigns to request a recanvass and, if necessary, a recount of the results if they are able to show that new figures could alter the allocation of delegates to the national convention in the summer,” The Washington Post reported. “The state’s rules do not explain how exactly a recanvass differs from a full recount, though both are more significant than a simple precinct review, which involves checking caucus-level anomalies.”

Did a particular campaign ask for a recanvass?  Sounds like this is coming straight from the DNC.

According to NBC, a recanvass involves examining and re-calculating caucus worksheets and all forms to make sure everything was tabulated accurately.

At this point, there is no way anyone can have any confidence in the results from Iowa.   Too much time has passed and there has been far too much confusion and not enough communication.

It is also too late for the candidates.  The moment is lost.  No election night victory speech can be given now.  That large audience and excitement is gone. As Nancy Pelosi might say, it is GONE FOREVER!

Mayor Pete still has an ever-so-slight edge in delegates with 97% reporting.

But, since Bernie has more of the popular vote, he is declaring victory.   We’ll see if this popular vote victory lasts after all the votes are in and recanvassed.

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