Don Jr.’s Response To McCaskill’s Racist Tweet Is PURE SAVAGE

Imagine being an ex-Democrat Senator who now works for none other than MSNBC. Allow me to introduce you to Ex-Sen. McCaskill, who is likely in melt-down mode along with her MSNBC colleagues over the Democrat disaster of the Iowa Caucus.

Bless her heart; it must have been emotional for her to see a plane full of energized Republicans sporting their red KEEP IOWA GREAT hats. But what did this grown woman feel the need to do? She felt empowered enough to resort to racial identity – yet again. And the Dems wonder why they continue to lose.

So let me get this straight. Are you telling me, Ex-Senator, that the first thing you saw in this epic photo was a chance to “get at Trump” by way of the skin color of these patriots wearing “racist” red hats?  You know, like your work-pals accused Nick Sandmann? Because I had to look at least five times even to see what you were trying to point out here.

But really, thanks. Now it is clear who the real racist is, and that is YOU, Ex-Sen. MSNBC-McCaskill. With all due respect, Claire, adulting is hard, and your “outrage” is tacky. By the way, how’s that Sandmann lawsuit working out for your pals at MSNBC?


Hey Claire, in case you need a reminder: Donald Trump is still your President, and he isn’t the one dividing us by race, Claire. You are.  Oh, and one more thing.  You might want to listen to this quote from his 2017 inaugural address and let it sink in. It will do you some good.

“When You Open Your Heart To Patriotism, There Is No Room For Prejudice.”
– Donald J. Trump, President of The United States, January 20, 2017

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