HISTORIC: Trump Unveils “Deal Of The Century” Middle East Peace Plan

Trump: “I was not elected to do small things, or shy away from big problems.”

Huge news coming from the White House today as Trump and Netanyahu meet to discuss the “Holy Grail,” peace in the Middle East. Forging peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis is probably the toughest goal for a President to meet. Many Presidents before Trump have tried peace plans or peace talks between the two nations, and all have failed.

Trump’s proposal is “fundamentally different from other proposals.” Trump is touting this as a “win-win” for both Palestinians and Israel. This is the first time that Israel has released a conceptual map that lays out the territorial compromises that Israel is willing to give to Palestine. Under this plan, Jerusalem will remain Israel’s undivided capital. Israel will be able to keep the level of security that they currently have in place.

Trump: “I want this deal to be a great deal for the Palestinians; it has to be.”

Palestine would be able to have a capital in Eastern Jerusalem. The Palestinians will have the ability to gain statehood, and Trump has added to the list of requirements a firm “rejection of terrorism.” The biggest show of faith, from Trump, was the promise that America will be putting an embassy. No Palestinians or Israeli’s will have to move for this deal. All Muslims that wish to pray peacefully will be able to do so at the Al-Aqua Mosque. (Al-Aqsa Mosque, located in the Old City of Jerusalem, is the third holiest site in Islam.)

Literally all we are asking for Palestine to do is to stop funding and being terrorists. Period.

Trump is giving them four years to reach statehood. Trump has laid out a plan that if Palestine chooses to agree along with Israel, it will work. This is the first Middle Eastern peace plan that actually has a chance to last. Palestine will have a capital in Jerusalem, an American embassy, and will get to pray on the Temple Mount. This deal will make considerable strides to peace.

As Trump is being trashed by the left, he continues to put America first.

Trump: “We have an obligation to Humanity to get it done.”

What a powerful message to send to the world. Donald Trump has been painted as a nationalist who doesn’t care about any other country. He pushes for peace all over the world. He creates real and meaningful avenues to achieve this peace.

The question is this if this works and both parties agree to peace, will Trump get the accolades that he deserves? Likely not, but as always, while Trump is being trashed by the left, he continues to put the duties of the President of the United States first.


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