WaPo Reporter Suspended After Being A Complete Seahag On Twitter, Then Playing Victim, And Then Deleting Her Seahaggery.

I was in a total fury when this all went down on Twitter yesterday.

In case you missed it, within about 25 minutes of the news breaking about the helicopter crash which killed 9 people yesterday, including Kobe Bryant and his daughter, some political reporter for WaPo named Felicia Sonmez decided that it might be a good time to post a link to an old story highly critical of Kobe Bryant.


Again, she linked to that 2016 story RIGHT WHEN Vanessa Bryant was probably discovering she’d lost her husband and daughter.  What kind of garbage human does that?

Reaction was swift, intense, and brutal.  My response was pretty basic.

Don Jr. weighed in too:

The ratio on her tweet was pretty much historic.  And so because she was facing tons of backlash, she decided that she should play victim, thereby making the already horrible situation ten times worse.


I responded to those, as did like 74 skillion other people:

And yet still, she kept right on digging, posting a screenshot of the mean crap she was finding in her email inbox.

Now, do I think it’s right that she was getting truly disgusting and brutal threats from people?  Of course not.  People are gross.  There’s a way to make a point without saying, “Piece of f*cking sh*t.  Go f*ck yourself. C*nt.”

But do I understand the rage people were feeling at her for having absolutely no concept of what the phrase “there’s a time and place” means?


Anyway, a couple hours later she deleted all of her tweets, and now this morning I have discovered that she’s been placed on administrative leave by WaPo.  That might be an overreaction – I don’t know – but what I do know is that WaPo reporters were having a banner day being COMPLETE A-HOLES yesterday.  She certainly wasn’t the only one.

Check this out.

Matt Viser decided it was appropriate to criticize the POTUS for getting the number of casualties wrong in his initial statement, even though HE ALSO GOT IT WRONG.  That’s what happens in fluid news situations, and if anyone should know that, it’s freaking Matt Viser.  But nope – he used it as an opportunity to criticize Trump, because of course he did.

Vox is no better.

And today’s “journalists” wonder why people’s faith and trust in them is at an all time low.

THIS IS WHY, you jackholes.  It’s because of stuff like this.

Anyway, I’m sure Felicia will be back to her normally scheduled duties at the WaPo soon enough, but I hope that at the very least, she’s learned to maybe be less of a total seahag.

Kobe Bryant was not a perfect man – not by a long shot.  And there will certainly be a time and place to consider the totality of his life and character – and I’m sure lots of people will devote many hours to that.  But for crying out loud, can we give his family more than a half hour before trashing him?  Holy crap.

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