Ted Cruz Talks Hunter Biden Cover-up, Puts Desperation Of Media On Full Display

The media is freaking out and it’s a clear sign that Trump’s defense lawyers have delivered the goods. This is only the beginning.

Last week, the Democrats and the Schiffty House Managers talked for more than 20 hours, bringing up Burisma or Biden over 400 times. As much of a milk-drinking yawn-fest as it was, it did open the door for Trump’s defense team to respond on the topic of Hunter Biden and Burisma.

Monday afternoon, Pam Bondi did just that. She delivered a compelling presentation of evidence concerning Burisma and the Bidens and more — so powerful; the media doesn’t want you to see it — numerous mainstream outlets refused to air Bondi’s presentation. What does that tell you?

This 5:13 clip of Ted Cruz knocking down the media is worth every minute of your time.

If you’ve not seen Pam Bondi’s presentation yet, you can watch it below:

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