Lockhart Calls To Investigate Cruz, Gets A Texas-Sized Slam Dunk Response

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Hillary Clinton is not running in 2020, at least most of us hope she doesn’t enter the race at the last-minute. But for “stepping back” as she claims to be doing, Tuesday brought quite a bit of attention and backlash to her and her Clinton-minions. Even her husband, Bill Clinton’s pal, former WH Press Secretary, AND CNN ANALYST Joe Lockhart, was keeping watch on Republican tweets during Tuesday’s impeachment trial.  But it didn’t take long for Lockhart to be smacked down on Twitter.

From The Daily Wire: On Tuesday, with impeachment proceedings underway in the Senate, a tweet appeared from Senator Ted Cruz, provoking former Clinton White House press secretary and current CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart to trumpet that Cruz had violated the rules of the Senate and that Twitter should investigate him. Cruz’s reply was one for the ages.

This is the tweet that fired up Lockhart:

Lockhart, apparently breathless with excitement, responded on Twitter, “Senators on the floor are sworn to silence and have no electronic devices. So how is this Senator tweeting? Did he sneak a phone in. Is he willing to go to prison? Or is the tweet from someone other than Cruz. @jack you should investigate.”

I’m still not sure why Lockhart felt the need to go there. Maybe he was concerned that Cruz might open up a Go Fund Me account for Trump? You know, like the Democrats did for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when they were in the court-room conducting the Kavanaugh hearings?

Anyhow, Lockhart got a lot of comical smack down from a number of people on Twitter, this one is among my favorites.

But as they say in Texas, go big or go home, and Cruz came back at Lockhart with THE BEST Texas-sized response, ever.

Again from the Daily Wire: Cruz, a student of history, was making an obvious reference of Texas to the Battle of Gonzales in 1835 in the Texas Revolution against Mexico. In that battle, when Texans resisted the Mexican forces who outnumbered them and intended to take their cannon, the Texans created a flag on which “come and take it” was emblazoned along with a black star. Replicas of the original flag can be found all over Texas, from the state capitol to the Texas State History Museum to the University of Texas to Sam Houston State University.
In all likelihood, Cruz is also aware of another time in American history in which the phrase “come and take it” was used: Fort Morris in Georgia during the Revolutionary War, where British soldiers outnumbered the 127 Continental soldiers plus militiamen and local citizens and demanded the Americans’ surrender in a written note. American Colonel John McIntosh issued a response in which he stated, “As to surrendering the fort, receive this laconic reply: COME AND TAKE IT!”

Ted Cruz has absolutely been on a roll lately, and I love it. He also had this shining moment on Tuesday – bringing up an old saying for the history books.

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Cruz is right.  The Democrats and their mainstream media have turned into a bunch of table-banging whiners.