BREAKING: Jessica Yaniv Was Arrested and Charged With Assault of Journalist

Obviously don’t assault anyone EVER.

However – maybe stay clear of doing it ON CAMERA, AND, gee, I don’t know… IN FRONT OF A COURT.

The Post Millennial reported:

Jessica Yaniv was arrested for the assault of a Canadian journalist on over the weekend. According to Keean Bexte, the journalist who was assaulted by Yaniv on camera outside of the B.C. courts on January 14, 2020, Yaniv spent time behind bars on the charge of assault. She may face up to five years for the assault.

It’s kind of like when you watch a movie where the killer doesn’t wear gloves and literally touches everything, leaving behind all the evidence, and your mouth is full of Pringles, and you’re like, “What are you even thinking?!”

Doesn’t mean we’re condoning it but you can bet we’re going to have our commentary.

It’s smarter to just not do any of those things… but I digress.

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