Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Want to Talk About “Sexist” Bernie Anymore

I think Bernie Sanders has a lot of flaws. I think he’s hypocritical and his ideas are not only stupid, but wildly dangerous. One thing I don’t think he is is sexist.

Unfortunately for Elizabeth Warren, there seem to be a lot more people of that opinion than she originally counted on when she made up an incident in which Bernie told her a woman couldn’t win the presidential election. Yeah, I’m willing to make that definitive judgment. Elizabeth Warren was lying to try to steal Bernie bros.

But now that nobody’s bought it (and gee, why wouldn’t they??) Liz is #overit and doesn’t want to talk about it anymore.

A reporter asked Warren in Iowa about Sanders’ recent comments to NHPR about whether gender is an obstacle for female politicians. Sanders said: “Look, I, th- the answer is yes. But I think everybody has their own sets of problems. I’m 78 years of age. That’s a problem.”

Warren refused to respond to Sanders statement, saying: “I have no further comment on this. I have no further comment on this. I have been friends with Bernie for a long time. We worked together on many, many issues and I’ve said all I’m going to say on this.”

I imagine it is all she’s going to say about it, since admitting wrongdoing or apologizing isn’t really in her idiom.

Daily Wire sums up the whole debacle perfectly:

Warren appears to be trying to fill some non-existent void between Sanders and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. She has tacked on to numerous proposals from Sanders, but rarely comes up with her own that he then follows.

The problem for Warren’s claim last week about Sanders is that Sanders vehemently denied saying it and Warren has a history of lying and using her gender (and alleged heritage) for personal gain. Sanders does not. That’s not to say Sanders is always honest, but he does sincerely believe his claims about socialism and health care and college (even if he is wildly wrong).

UGH I feel so gross being in a position where I’m defending Bernie Sanders. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO, ELIZABETH!!

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