Democrats Are Raising WAY MORE Cash Than President Trump

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The Democrats running for president are fundraising more money than President Trump.  A lot more.  And Trump is not raising chump change. He is hauling it in.

Is this cause for panic?

In 2019, the Democratic field raised $515 million, while Trump raised $143 million.  Trump outraised each individual opponent, but is being crushed when compared to the whole field.

Back in 2011, Obama raised $128 million versus $138 million for the GOP slate.  In 2003, W. raised $132 million, while the Dems raised $130 million.

Now, on the plus side, President Trump is on par with Bush and Obama’s fundraising totals, both of whom had successful re-election bids.

However, this is still a little worrisome.  Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.  Perhaps the $515 million is a reflection of this hatred.  And politics is all about the money.

On the plus side, the reality is that Trump is not having to spend much of his cash right now.  Democrats will have to keep spending in order to fight this primary season out.

But here is the big question.  Once the Democratic field is narrowed down to one candidate, will that candidate get all these donors and also outraise Trump?

source:  CNBC

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