Elizabeth Warren Wants Biological Men In Women’s Prisons

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The Hill is reporting that Elizabeth Warren is campaigning for trans women to be housed in women’s prisons.  Translation:  Men who think they are women should be in women’s prisons.

This sounds like a recipe for disaster and quite dangerous for, you know, actual women.

Warren said in a campaign stop in Iowa, “We have to stop putting trans women who are incarcerated into prisons with men where they are at risk. It is our responsibility.”

Warren does not seem to consider the risk to all biological females.  She is just catering to a trendy minority group.   This is one of the big problems that has developed with the transgender movement.  The “rights” of this minority group are trouncing on the rights of women at large.  Only the feelings, comfort, safety, and privacy of transgender people are considered.

Why aren’t liberal feminists standing up for actual women?  It is apparent that Democrats have decided to rank transgender people as a special interest group of greater importance than women.

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) tweeted,

My thoughts EXACTLY.  If this ridiculous policy is ever enacted, there will be a surge in trans women in jail.  Women will be much more at risk of rape and abuse.

LifeSite indicates that this surge in trans people is exactly what has happened in England, Wales, Canada, and Scotland where they have already begun instituting this insanity.

Liberals never cease to amaze.  With all the problems facing this country, how this becomes an issue of presidential importance is beyond me.

If Warren is the Democratic nominee, President Trump will have a treasure trove of material to work with. But if you have watched any of the debates, you know that this is true no matter who becomes the nominee.

h/t:  Activist Mommy


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