NY Public Library Canceled “Un-PC” Feminist’s Event

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The New York Public Library has canceled an event that was supposed to host several speakers that are “canceled” women. They are feminists that do not align with the country’s increasingly pro-trans movement.

According to the NY Post, the event was canceled the day before the rental check was due. No explanation as to why the event was canceled. The organization that formed this event was the Women’s Liberation Front. This organization believes in the “biological” definition of gender. You are born a girl. Therefore you are a girl.

The library received multiple complaints from trans activists, and apparently the only logical conclusion for them was to cave to the pressure that is the cult of the liberal elite.

So they are allowed to have drag queens reading to kids in libraries, but we can’t have women that believe in standard gender roles SPEAK TO ADULTS?!

This time in our country feels very unsettling. The ability to speak your views is decreasing by the day. These women have all fallen prey to the cancel culture at some point, through social media bans, protests, etc.

This is all because they are not liberal enough. It’s not enough to support women and women’s issues. No, the liberals need more out of their followers, they need you to walk in lockstep with all of their ideas – no matter how harmful they are.

Trans activists want children to transition before puberty, and before having the mental capabilities to understand the long term effects that they will put their bodies and minds through. We have children that have real issues that need to be dealt with, but instead, they are pumping these children with hormones and telling them that they are a different sex to which they were born.

We are at a time in our country that we NEED to have this debate. It has to be heard from both sides. The article brings up a good point that in our society, we are making rules about trans-people playing sports, restrooms, schools, prisons, etc. It’s this time that we need to have an open dialogue on both sides. We have to proceed cautiously together and come to some sort of agreement. I am over the idea that because you might get your feelings hurt, my opinion is, therefore, invalid.

When we allow the loud minority to rule the silent majority, not only does society lose but so does any hope for change in the future.

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