Vince Vaughn Under Attack By The Left For Having The Audacity To Shake Hands And Converse With POTUS.

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I couldn’t believe this was an Actual Story this morning, as I heard about it on my way in to work.  But just look at this headline:

WTF?  What in the holy hell does impeachment have to do with the football game?  They sat together “AMID” impeachment?  Seriously?

But it’s worse than that.  People are legit mad at Vince Vaughn now.

This a$$hat who writes for Daily Beast and Deadspin seems to think sharing video of PEOPLE HAVING A CONVERSATION is deeply upsetting.

The responses.  Oh Lord – the responses.

That’s just the tiniest sampling of the avalanche of hate being directed at Vince Vaughn, for having the unmitigated gall to be seen with the President of the United States at a football game.